Treatment Plans

Treatment Plans

Exterior Services: Start at $175

Preventative Spray warrantied on all common crawling including Spiders, Stink Bugs, Asian Beatles, and even Yellow Jackets , Hornets and Wasps.This service is recommended in Spring and Fall. Monthly Residential Service is also offered. 

Bed Bug Services: Start at $600

100% Success on elimination

Rodent Services

Hornet Removal Bald Face and Yellow Jackets:

Often folks think that Hornets are bees. The reality is they are wasps. Their feeding habits are predatory and they make paper comb as opposed to wax. They are marginally important to pollination. In many cases, Yellow Jackets are harmful to Honey Bee Colonies, because as their food supplies dwindle the honey found in a bee hive are just what they want to raid. This can cripple or even kill a bee colony thru starvation considering the bees rely on their honey stores to make it thru the winter.

Bald Face Build free standing nest in trees or under soffits are black with a white face resembling an Autobot logo. Yellow Jackets can have similar nesting habits, but tend to go into wall structures, cider block or underground.

Both variety pulp wood into paper for nesting material, so if you see them on your deck they may be robbing your unsealed deck wood for paper nesting material.

VERY IMPORTANT! If yellowjackets do take residence in your wall, don’t hit the wall with force. They can pulp drywall, and the only thing between you and 100’s of angry hornets may be a thin layer of latex. Call a professional immediately.

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