5 Strange Facts about Mice

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5 Strange Facts about Mice

Eek! Is a mouse in your house? If you saw a mouse, you likely have an entire family of mice hiding in your walls. Perhaps you didn’t see a mouse, but you are suspicious.

Uninvited mice are not Mickey and Minnie. They are peculiar creatures that you do not want under your roof (unless they are in a cage!)

Here are 5 strange mouse facts:

    Mice can become small.

    And when we say small, we mean really small! These talented contortionists can weasel through a 6mm opening, which is roughly the size of a dime. They have no collarbones! This is how they are able to squeeze into your home, even when your doors and windows are closed and locked. They can also make their way into food containers that aren’t sealed well enough. It can help to seal cracks and holes with caulk, especially in the fall. Although, mice can move in during any season.

    They make their mark.

    Much like dogs, mice mark their territory with urine. This can become a smelly, uncleanly pee competition between male mice in your home. Additionally, mice leave up to 100 poop pellets scattered everywhere around your home. They aren’t shy about where they poop!

    Teen Mom: Mice Edition.

    Mama mice start having babies when they are only 2 months old. These young mothers can birth a staggering 150 babies a year! This causes a mice infestation to get out of control quickly.

    Three 'Nearsighted' Mice is a correct phrase.

    Mice aren’t blind. However, they do see best in dim light. Even though they have poor eyesight, they make up for it with other senses.

    No cheese, please.

    Mice and cheese go together like, well, like mice and cheese. The surprising fact is that cheese isn’t their favorite cuisine. The average mouse dines up to 20 times a day and their favorite snacks are grains and seeds.

If you saw a mouse or have other signs of an infestation, it is not something to be ignored. According to the Center for Disease Control, mice (and rats) spread over 35 diseases! Clearly, having a mouse infestation is a health hazard for your family. These diseases can infect your family through bites, feces, urine, saliva, or through fleas and ticks that have bitten the mouse (Cdc.gov.)

Some tell-tale signs of mice are:

  • Droppings
  • Gnawing sounds
  • Tracks
  • Partially eaten food
  • Burrows and nests
  • Scurrying sounds at night
  • Smell of urine

You should address a potential infestation immediately. Call 219-608-4286 for a friendly, affordable solution to your problem.

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